Court case against former head of PrJSC Ukrgazvydobutok is closed


Kharkiv District Court closed criminal proceedings on charges of Vadym Mokhov, the former head of PrJSC Ukrgazvydobutok of allegedly illegal production of hydrocarbons and abuse of authority. The court made such decision since the prosecutor dropped the charges entirely. The ruling comes into force on April 23rd, 2020.

The reasons for the prosecutor to drop the charges were the court’s rulings of other instances in favour of PrJSC Ukrgazvydobutok. Thus, in March 2018 Kyiv District Administrative Court made decision to uphold the company’s administrative claim, declared it illegal and canceled the order of the State Service of Geology and Mineral Resources on suspension of the special permit to use the subsoil of Ostroverkhivske field. Also, by the ruling of Kyiv Administrative Court of Appeal, this decision was left unchanged, which indicates the lack of restrictions for production activities of the company, and, respectively, lack of grounds for charges against Vadym Mokhov.

As a reminder, in December 2016 there were criminal proceedings registered on the fact of allegedly illegal production of mineral resources by the Private Joint Stock Company Ukrgazvydobutok. As part of such proceedings in July 2017 at the request of the prosecutor’s office the investigative judge appointed four unscheduled inspections. Referring to the unlawfulness of such actions, as confirmed by the case history of the Supreme Court, the company did not allow the inspectors. Afterwards, the State Geology Agency would suspend the special permit for production of hysdrocarbons at Ostroverkhivske field. Thus, ten days of the company’s operation upon the moment the order was issued by the State Geology Agency got incriminated to Vadym Mokhov, the head of PrJSC Ukrgazvydobutok as “production of mineral resources” and “grand embezzlement”. At the same time, the case file contains notification about suspension of the special permit, which was officially handed to the company on the 14th day upon the date of issuance of the relevant order only.

Also, to recap, on October 5th, 2017 when Vadym Mokhov voluntarily arrived to Merefa to meet with an investigator, he was arrested with a gross violation of the Code of Criminal Procedure. During his stay in the pre-trial detention center he was subjected to pressure and there was a real threat to his life. Later, the investigating judge ruled to keep Mokhova in custody with an alternative to making bail.

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